Vi er Regroup!

Nils Arne

Nils Arne Tvedten

Founder and Managing Partner

Email: [email protected]
Telefon: +47 917 48 750

I founded my first business back in 1999 with my brother, and step by step I have participated in building this firm from the ground up to a digitalized business which recently was acquired by an international company for the amount of NOK 90 million.

Through these years I have been through acquisitions, divestments, and negotiations with companies listed on the stock market in the Nordic region.

I have a technical background, working with software companies for 20 years. Even though I had C-level positions through these years, I have always maintained my skills as a full-stack developer. In ViaNett we built a complete transactional billing system, serving customers over the whole world through API-based applications. These systems handled on average 1 million transactions every day.

Rune Holsvik

Rune Holsvik

Founder and Senior Partner

Email: [email protected]

Telefon: +47 905 18 300

I founded my first company in 1985. The business model was installations of software for running technical analysis of stocks and indices. Our clients paid a monthly fee for the software and updated stock quotes by calling our server. This was my gateway into the business for digitalized business models. The company was acquired by a Norwegian brokerage firm in 1994

I am interested in software companies (SaaS) with recurring revenues and solutions backed by powerful algorithms. My passion is to identify businesses that strategically and commercially fit and bring them together.

My mission is to consider how a divestment, merger, or acquisition can result in a new constellation with much more power to compete and strengthen market presence.

If there is a significant difference in culture and values between the companies which consider merging, I usually advise not to proceed. It always boils down to people; bringing two parties together with different values can destroy company values.


Niels Erik Feilberg

Senior Partner

Email: [email protected]
Telefon: +47 908 70 866

After 9 years, I finalized my engagement in Nokas, one of the leading players in the Nordic market for security, surveillance, and cash-business. My position was as chief financial officer (CFO) with responsibility for mergers & acquisitions. During my years at Nokas, the company increased its turnover from NOK 900 million in 2009 to over NOK 8 billion in 2019.

Over the years, I have worked in mainly larger corporations, listed on different stock exchanges in Norway and abroad. My broader experience is from the shipping industry, and I was a part of the management team, which took Ugland Nordic Shipping from a small company with a handful of employees to a leading international player in the market for oil tankers. The company was acquired by the Canadian oil tanker company Teekay Shipping in 2001.

Through the years I have participated in several IPOs (Initial public offerings).

My passion is in the financial and operational field, and working with mergers in order to create a more competitive corporation.